"FUN-employed is about finding opportunity."

For the unemployed, it's having a more positive attitude. For the entrepreneur, it's about pursuing a passion.


I’m Kerry Quinn, your Chief FUN-employed Officer. I specialize in providing guidance and inspiration to those who’ve been laid off, are suffering through unemployment and are struggling with what to do next, as well as to those who are starting a business following their passion.


I’ve written two eBooks with guidance and tips, as well as inspirational and humorous stories, for how to find a silver lining in your unemployment situation. They can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.


No one knows better than me how desperate and despondent you can feel after your layoff and how tough it can be to become an entrepreneur. I can help you find motivation and guide you to having a more positive attitude, which will attract opportunities for you through my Online Coaching Program.